There has been increasing demands for packaging products and solutions nowadays. To meet the unceasing demands has been one of the reasons why our company is working so hard in manufacturing wide array of packaging products. YF Packaging Sdn Bhd is a trusted company established with an aim to specifically provide expertise in the field of single face sheets, layer pads, corrugated boxes, die cut products and many other corrugated carton products.

We got the best team of professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in selections of corrugated cartons. Our main purpose is establishing corrugated cartons that are not just compatible and suitable with domestic usage but products that also meet standard international requirements.

We also carry a venturous heart in going extra mile to search for diverse skills and products that can be utilized to improve and amplify our existing products. This is the company’s survival skill which had contributed to its growth within the industry for 19 years now.


Our Strength

On top of these all, our best strength is concentrated on the 3E concepts. These concepts paved way for efficiency and economy that benefit not just the company but also the customers who receive equivalent standard and quality of services and products rendered.

We are here not just to deliver quality packaging products and solutions to customers but also to accomplish our business goals and mission to our people, to our valued customers and to our society. To our people, we have the responsibility to develop professionalism, teamwork and welfare oriented and harmonious environment.

It is one of our biggest goals to become one of the industry leaders in delivering quality packaging products such as corrugated boxes, die cut products, single face sheets, layer pads and many other corrugated carton related packaging products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the customers. We also consider ourselves as socially responsible in doing our part for the growth of economy of our country.