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If you are looking for the most trusted resource of top quality and durable packaging, we can provide the products and all packaging solutions you are looking for. We are one of the leading companies delivering highest level of innovation, support, service and top quality products to our valued customers. We have the means, the capacity, resources and the right people to ensure that our packaging materials are authentic, durable and come with special features. Here at YF Packaging Sdn Bhd, we are committed to offering innovative and exclusive solutions to customers and packaging industry as a whole. We take pride in offering the best products to our customers.

What Sets Us Apart from our Competitors?

YF Packaging remains standing strong and competent for many years now. We adhere
to industry standards especially when we are manufacturing our products and offering them to consumers. One of the best attributes that sets us apart from our competitors within the packaging industry niche is our dedication and passion on what we do. 
We invest in innovation and growth. We strive hard to increase and improve our production capabilities. We are much willing to address the needs of consumers for reliable packaging solutions and handle essential growth projects in the packaging business. Above all, we make our customers our top priority. We work with you closely
as we proceed with manufacturing and creating customized and suitable packaging products and solutions.
We offer the packaging industry and clients with the broadest range of packaging
products including corrugated boxes, die cut products, single face sheets, layer pads
and many other corrugated carton related packaging products that are specifically
tailored to meet customers’ needs.
Aside from being one of the best manufacturers of superior quality packaging products, YF Packaging is also recognized for their unique innovation and technical expertise. We are a full-service corrugated boxes, die cut products, single face sheets, layer pads manufacturing company that continues to strive hard to give your customers only the superior quality boxes at reasonable prices while maintaining high level and unmatched customer service. This is being accomplished by delivering customer service and packaging products that are second to none. Call us now at +606-263 5273 / +606-263 5860 to find out our wide varieties of packaging products.

Overlap Slotted Carton (OSC)

Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

Die - cut Box (DCB)

One Folder Carton (OFC)